Transpak TP-703VLM Pallet Strapping Machine


New product

An automated machine exclusive for vertical strapping of palletized products with the use of PP or PET straps. 

€ 28,750.00

Data sheet

Arch Size 1400mm x 2450mm
Dimensions (WxDxH) 3944mm x 845mm x 2564mm
Strap Type P.P. or PET straps
Strap Width 9mm/12mm/15.5mm
Strap Thickness PET: .5-.8mm P.P.: .75-.9mm (for 9mm) P.P.: .7-.9mm (for 12mm and 15.5mm)
Strap Core Size 406mm
Strap Tension Standard: 1100-3000N (110kg-300kg) Optional: 200-1200N (20kg-120kg)
Standard Arch Size 1400mm (W) x 2450mm (H)
Speed 12 seconds/cycle
Power Consumption 1.35kW
Inner Core 406mm
Index Strapping Head Stroke Maximum 500mm
Maximum Size of Package 400W x 650H mm
Electrical Requirement/s 220V/380V/400V, 50/60Hz, 3PH
Net Weight 437kg

More info

Widely use on extensive scope of products, can also be combine on new or current existing lines without trouble. Appropriate only for vertical strapping, equipped with a constant moving strap lance below the pallet to strap and an index strapping head to secure and tighten the strap.The TP-703VLM is fully automatic industrial packaging equipment that provides ease on back end line, especially for elevated packages. Height and width is limited, but there are options to choose that depends on the product to be secured.


1. Siemens PLC Control and HMI, an accessible touch panel that has the operation instructions to the whole strapping process.

2. Index Strapping Head: during the strapping cycle the strapping head is movable towards the package with stroke of max. 500 mm for maximum strap containment efficiency.

3. Friction Weld Sealing: No odor and fumes with  a guaranteed reliable joint and high sealing efficiency. Tension up to 300kg (3000N).

4. Adjustable Sealing and Cooling Time: Efficient. The sealing and cooling duration can be adjusted depending on need

5. Modular Arch: Designed for a much easier arch size change

6. Movable Strap Lance. Feed the strap between the pallet void to strap around the package


• Appoint Color

• Strap dispenser in transport direction

• Free standing operation desk

• Failure indicator

• Control panel situated on the opposite side

• Control panel with switches rather than touchscreen display

• Floating head, increase the holding force

• Lower tension 200-1200N adjustable compression pressure

• Top press (200kg or 500kg)