Transpak TP-202CE1


New product

An economical and reliable semi-automatic strapping machine that has a capacity to constantly use at a reasonable cost.

€ 1,247.50

Data sheet

Strap Width 6 mm - 15.5 mm
Electrical Requirement/s 110V, 220V, 230V, 240V 50/60Hz 1PH
Net Weight 85 kg
Tension Range 15 - 45 kg

More info

The TP-202CE1 is a semi-automatic strapping machine where table can be adjusted to any height between 760 mm and 930 mm. A manual equipment which easy to operate with accessible functions, in a usual strapping such as to pull strap back into the machine or to cut off strap and feed strap out of the machine freely. There is also a brake function with a strap guide for brake to which it stops the over rotation of the strap reel, located along the machine. Along with these controls it is basically easy to operate.



1. Safety switch under the table top

2. Electronic Tension Control, in front control panel (adjustment for strap tension 8 - 45 kg)

3. Jog Switch, adjust the machine to exactly the correct position for maintenance

4. Compact Mechanical Strapping Head, less maintenance issues no belts, chains, or pulleys.

5. Adjustable weld-cooling time (0-2 sec.)

6. Large Main Switch: The lockable CE rated main power switch increases the operation safety.

7. Adjustable Weld-Cooling Time: The weld cooling time can be increased to ensure high joint efficiency under high tension.

8. Adjustable table height from 760 mm to 930 mm